Changes in hTWOo core as they happen

1.3.0 (2022-11-29)


  • Added avatar showcase (191ca4d)
  • Fluent UI / hTWOo UI icon tool finder and downloader added (01a8834)
  • Icon Finder annotation added (d9102d1)
  • Icon Search added (a9aa968)
  • Implementation of auto-generated changelog (7727048)
  • Tooltips added (0764f24)

Bug Fixes

  • [WAI-ARIA] added hidden-visually global style (2f845f2)
  • [wai-aria] removed role menu from <menu> (2e36c1b)
  • Data restructure card footer and minor style tweaks (2e23820)
  • Data structure avatars - Added htwoo-avatar.json (de53995)
  • dialog button icon update (a9c2300)
  • document card grid (b6da44f)
  • Facepile update new structure (872d0ee)
  • hoo-input-text - line-height adjusted (18caea9)
  • remove debug message (2fc80d3)
  • Search Icon background updated (40112d1)
  • Teams Splash Screen - new data structure (1456407)
  • Update icon names (66509a6)
  • update molecule-card-image to


  • added animations to design tokens (b6aac74)
  • Added motion to design tokens (3acd132)
  • added new base data (74da246)
  • atoms-button-compound data restructure (460ebd9)
  • atoms-button-icon-overflow refactoring from <ul> to <menu> (3445f48)
  • atoms-button-icon-split change <ul> to <menu> (805011e)
  • change avatar media (61aa7a6)
  • change of <ul> to <menu> (06e28d7)
  • data refactoring atoms button icon (4bb7490)
  • Data refactoring standard button (c73fd28)
  • Data update atoms-button-primary (ae6ec8f)
  • Data update for atoms-checkbox, atoms-radiobutton, atoms-date, atoms-number (24f7408)
  • Data update for hyperlink buttons (9682f49)
  • data update on all input text fields (8c078f5)
  • Data update to label (a078739)
  • Date update to toggle (f3ffbf1)
  • Organism Dialogs got updated from <div> to ([3ac64db](
  • Update context button replaced <ul> with new <menu` (921dfd8)
  • Update shimmer / loading animations documentation (9d07c8f)