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PnP Weekly 2022 - ep. 159

In their PnP Weekly Podcast, Stefan Bauer was talking about hTWOo and important news around web development.

Source: PnP Weekly 2022 - ep. 159

HTWOO React - Getting Started

Julie Turner educates viewers about the new open-source HtwoO React library she created containing many atomic components built by Stefan Bauer

Source: HTWOO React - Getting Started

HTWOO Core - getting started

Check out the how to getting started video presented during a Microsoft 365 community call.

Source: HTWOO Core - getting started

PODCAST Cloud Show Fluent Design HTWOO

In this 407th episode, Andrew Connell chats with Stefan Bauer around his new hTWOo project, a 100% pure HTML & CSS implementation of Microsoft’s Fluent Design System.

Source: Cloud Show Fluent Design HTWOO